Volvo Service Keeps Your Motor Running

Volvo builds great cars that are very comfortable and known to run reliably well. You need to maintain your car with regular Volvo service to keep it in top running shape. No matter where you travel in the greater Fort Myers, FL area, your Volvo needs regular maintenance to keep trucking along while giving you the best power and fuel economy. The certified Volvo service does exactly that and helps to make your car last as long as possible. Volvo created the factory service recommendation as a guide to let car owners and know which parts and mechanical systems need attention most. The service is based on the number of miles and years on your car, and it ensures your Volvo stays reliable and running as well as possible.

What Volvo Service Does for Your Car

The certified Volvo service available at our dealership near Cape Coral is your best resource for maintaining your car. It helps you get the longest life while reducing your operating costs. The better your Volvo's mechanical shape, the longer it will last while making your trips around Lehigh Acres much more affordable. We give your Volvo a thorough certified service. That includes checking all critical systems, such as the charging system for EV models, drivetrain, brakes, coolant, and replacing the oil and air filters. We check all belts and hoses and replace them when showing signs of wear or your car has enough mileage to warrant replacement. We tune the engine with new plugs and wires, top off and change fluids as needed, and give your wheels and tires a rotation and balance. Your Volvo leaves the shop in like-new condition, and we give it a complimentary wash to make it shine.

Ultimately, certified Volvo service is built around you. So, feel free to take advantage of our full menu of certified Volvo services and don't hesitate to ask about our Volvo Increased Protection Plans to give you greater peace of mind and value in the long run.

Schedule Your Volvo Service Now

When your car is due for Volvo service, give our friendly pros a call. We will schedule a time to give yours a full factory service and make it run its best. Our ASE-certified technicians at McGrath Volvo Cars of Fort Myers use genuine Volvo factory parts when your car needs new parts. We also have a great selection of top-brand aftermarket parts that save you money, so you can get more out of your ride as you travel around Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, and beyond in the future.