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Volvo XC40 - Volvo Lease Deals, Specials at McGrath Volvo Cars of Ft. Myers Near Fort Myers, FL

At McGrath Volvo Cars of Ft. Myers, we're always offering Volvo lease deals and Volvo finance specials related to Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs. And with wide availability at our local Cape Coral area dealership, Volvo XC40 Mild Hybrid trims and XC40 Recharge pure-electric models are ready to move.

So, why not take a gander at those Volvo XC40 features found highly desirable near Lehigh Acres. And with a pleasant atmosphere and professionals devoted to our dedicated client base, selection, price and service remain outstanding at McGrath Volvo Cars of Ft. Myers. Here, you can't go wrong.

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Volvo XC40 Luxury SUVs Near Punta Gorda

Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs come to Fort Myers with a solid reputation intact. There's something about Scandinavian design that aligns well with Sanibel. Style and performance, luxury and technology are all encased within a steel frame cage meant to enhance safety for all occupants.

And in terms of luxury SUVs being piloted throughout Fort Myers, nothing compares to Volvo XC40. Here's why:

Volvo XC40 Body Style

When one thinks of a luxury SUV, what immediately comes to mind is an overwhelming presence in dimensions. Though, why is efficiency mitigated by rather behemoth parameters of most luxury branded SUVs seen within Fort Myers proper?

The answer is simple. It shouldn't, as best exemplified in Volvo XC40.

This midsized Volvo luxury SUV provides a cozy interior reminiscent of a Swedish lakeside cabin. There are also classic minimalistic elements of sculpted taillamps, door panels slender as they reach for bottom margins and a panoramic moonroof allowing for Sunshine State skies to enter. Seating surfaces are replete with fine leathering, supple to touch.

Volvo XC40 - Mild Hybrid Efficiency for Fort Myers

As an automaker ever progressive, Volvo Cars has implanted new Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs with Volvo Mild Hybrid technology. While never needing a plugged-in charge akin to Volvo XC40 Recharge pure-electric luxury SUVs, Volvo XC40 possesses a unique, new generation Volvo B-badged mild hybrid powertrain.

By capturing the energy spent when braking, a 48-volt battery then stores this for later use. So, when starting Volvo XC40 and certainly while accelerating, that stored energy is then repurposed -- adding boost to the combustion engine. This effectively saves cash at Punta Gorda filling stations given less fuel is spent during rather "expensive" acceleration events.

And as with Volvo XC40 Recharge, federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars may be claimed upon Volvo XC40 Mild Hybrid acquisition.

Volvo XC40 Recharge - The All-Electric, Volvo Luxury SUV Found on Sanibel

In cementing that innovative spirit unique for an automaker, Volvo Cars produced the Volvo XC40 Recharge pure-electric luxury SUV.

In this effort, an overnight plugged-in charge will see up to an estimated 208+miles of pure-electric roaming. As well, maintenance costs usually reserved for fuel-fired vehicles have collectively become relics of an ancient past.

There are no more oil changes to encounter. Emissions are extinct. And engine tune-ups are but a faint memory. And as with Volvo XC40 Mild Hybrid, federal tax credits of up to $7,500 are certainly available to claim.

Volvo Lease Deals, Volvo Finance Specials at McGrath Volvo Cars of Ft. Myers

With this prized Volvo luxury SUV, Volvo lease deals and special financing offers may be absorbed. By offering Fort Myers these cost-saving specials, Volvo Cars' hallmark of safety is then shared with the community at-large. So, whether you've got a young family or have become a recent retiree, safety is enhanced throughout.

Visit our local Fort Myers area dealership today to learn more about Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs now in-stock.

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