Keeping a car well-maintained is something that many drivers view as an expensive and unpredictable process, but it is not nearly as difficult as many make it out to be. Just as there are many small things you can do for a healthy body, there are inexpensive and simple ways to keep your car running well so that it drives better and lasts longer! The on-site service center of our Fort Myers dealership handles the vehicle maintenance for many drivers in the area, so see below on how we can help you.

How Regular Service Keeps Your Car Running

Even today, cars remain engineering marvels, and what makes them work is a huge number of moving parts, so there's a lot to keep an eye on. All those parts mean that regular check-ups and maintenance are key in preventing further damage that can hurt your wallet and ruin your car, truck, or SUV. Changing out engine oil, rotating your tires, testing the battery, and replacing air and oil filters are all simple ways to ensure that your engine, tires, and other systems are working as they should, and they're all service jobs we can do at our Fort Myers location! Many of those tasks above don’t take much time at all, so it only takes a short appointment to feel more confident in your vehicle's health, and you can schedule that service online to save even more time!

Why Bring Your Car to Us for Auto Service in Fort Myers?

Going beyond the ease with which you can schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop, our customers love the exceptional service and friendly nature of the technicians at our service center. We work hard to ensure that every guest understands what's going on with their vehicles and what we did to fix any problems. Plus, if you buy a new Volvo from us, you can sign up for one of our vehicle assurance plans, which cover many repairs that even your warranty may not!

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