Buying vs. Leasing at Volvo Cars of Fort Myers

If you’re considering buying or leasing a new Volvo, make your way to Volvo Cars of Fort Myers in Fort Myers, FL. We have an in-house finance center dedicated to getting you behind the wheel of your new Volvo today. Our goal is to make sure you have the information you need to buy or lease your new Volvo in no time. We’re here to walk you through your available finance options during your upcoming visit. Whether you’re in the market for a new XC60, S90, or XC90, learn more about the buying or leasing options here at Volvo Cars of Fort Myers.

Buying a new Volvo is a great option for Sanibel drivers who enjoy having a sense of ownership. Customers who buy have the option of customizing their Volvo anyway they see fit with a wide variety of aftermarket accessories and modifications. Buying is usually the more cost-effective option over the life of the car as well. There are also no mileage restrictions when you buy allowing you to take your next adventure further without paying additional fees. Drivers who buy also have the freedom to sell their Volvo whenever they want.

Leasing is perfect for customers wanting freedom and convenience. When you lease, there are fewer upfront costs allowing you to get behind the wheel of a new Volvo without breaking the bank. Drivers can also upgrade to a newer model more often than buying, often every two or three years depending on your lease agreement. You can also drive with confidence knowing your Volvo is under warranty throughout your lease covering major repairs and scheduled maintenance. Lastly, when your lease is over, simply return the vehicle at our dealership without the hassle of selling it or trading it on your own.

Stop by Volvo Cars of Fort Myers to learn more about our finance options and our new Volvo inventory today.

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